The Importance of delegation

This is only a short article but an important one.

Delegation is a powerful and important skill to posses if you lead a team.

I have learnt this very recently. A leader can always very easily take up too much responsibly and drown under the workload of the team. I am guilty of this a lot!

You hear the word lead so then you take up everything under your wings and try and do this yourself. Trust me I’ve done this and this doesn’t work.

It can really weigh you down and cause more harm than good, so when you are leading a team situation, remember the team members around you. They have many different strengths that you can take note of and use. If you find accounting difficult, someone may be good at maths so would do it better. Someone may be better at writing emails, someone may have a good skill at writing and sending emails.

You are a leader, but I have now fount that with leadership, comes great physical strain. So never forget, you have a great time around you that can take some of that strain, and make the team run more efficiently.

Delegation is key.


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