Public Speaking has become something I’ve learnt to love

I never used to like public speaking. Anything with the word presentation in scared me, a lot!

That’s when I got into making presentations about something I love, technology.

In secondary school I conducted my first presentation, to my year group, all about an app I was developing. When I look back on it it probably wasn’t my best, but at that moment in time, it was a huge deal for me.

It was the thing that broke my fear of speaking. In front of over 70 people, who were probably not even interested in technology, my speech and presentation helped smash the fear of speaking I had beforehand.

My First Presentation

The thing I learnt when I looked back at why it was this particular presentation that killed that fear. It simply was because it was something I loved. When someone forces you to present about the battle of Hastings or a the workings of an income statement, you are of course going to be nervous because it was something that you have no background knowledge about, so you have to rely on knowledge you have acquired over the week or day that you had to prepare. With something you love, you can ramble on for ages about how great it is, like I did for my app. I love technology. I live and breathe technology, so when I had the chance to present about my app, I took the chance in no time!

Now, I actively look for when I can present! It’s really, really good!

So if you are afraid of public speaking, I would suggest doing a talk or something in public about something you love, then you kno have what your taking about and can be a lot more confident in teaching what you know to others!


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