Where is Technology heading?

Technology has hit a slump. Well according to the media.

iPhones are rocking three year old designs, Samsung’s exploding in your pocket and 3D TV’s more or less non existent after the huge hype of a couple of years ago.


The ‘Future’

The future has been predicted by so many people and companies, however one technology that has been hyped up is Virtual Reality. Personally, I think this technology is heading to the graveyard. Its an old technology, and has been around for decades. The main reason that it hasn’t been adopted by the main stream, quite simply, is because its bulky and uncomfortable.


The headsets, whether its from Microsoft, Samsung, or anyone else, the headset almost always looks like this. Huge bulky, uncomfortable front heavy sets that seem almost like they haven’t changed in decades. In the era of super slim tech, VR really does break the mould with its not needed bulk, and discomfort. I have only used VR a few times, and really thats all I wanted to use.

Personally, I feel AR is the way to go in terms of tech in the future. The biggest example of this is the recent been and gone phenomenon of Pokemon Go. Although it fizzled out quickly, it introduced millions of new people to the power of Augmented Reality. I personally see so much potential that hasn’t been exercised within the world of AR. Just imagine, walking down the street, look at a product with no price tag, lift your phone up and the price appears, with the list of nutritional values and maybe even potential recipes you can use with that product. Then theres the Aviation and Car industries, really any vehicle industry, cars, trains, planes, maybe even boats. Dynamic windshields that show you non distracting information, so for a car, the window could display speed warnings, or directions without the need of a visually obstructing Sat Nav. The possibilities are endless! Also its not just me who sees a future in it! Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google, have all beefed up their spending on R and D for Augmented Reality. With Steve Jobs in particular pointing out that Apple picks tech that in its spring, shows that companies like Apple can see much more potential in AR than what is being done with it currently, which I 100% agree.


What about smart phones?

So heres my prediction on the smartphone. iPhones are not running out innovation, or any of the smartphones makers in the industry haven’t lost innovation in the smartphone industry, the smartphone is quite simply, changing. Its boomed, 75 Million iPhones in the holiday quarter of 2015, with the release of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, shows the gigantic scale we are talking about when it comes to Smartphones. Companies, most notably Apple, seem to opting for three year cycles when it comes to big new upgrades to its handsets. Phones really have the features we need right now. Calling, messaging, copy and paste, multitasking. The other features in my eyes are useful, but complimentary. So companies are investing a lot into big upgrades less frequently than they once did because the smartphone boom is over. Same with the tablet. Just because the market has been declining, doesn’t mean the tablet has failed. Tablets just have a longer life than phones. I have had mine before this one for two years. I had an iPad Mini One up until a year ago. People don’t update their tablets at the same rate as their phone.

You can’t really predict what will happen in the future, with companies keeping their new projects tightly under highly guarded, nuclear bomb proof protection, and then with a lock and key. However, I can sense that some big years are coming, in the world of AR, and more. I think we will see 2017, 18 and 19 as the big tech years in 10/20 years time, and I can’t wait for companies to unveil what they have been working on!


B 🙂


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