Music is a great way to get thinking!

I love music.

I cannot get onto the busy, bustling London Underground without with headphones one listening to some great music. Some of my best thinking comes from listening to music. Music helps clear my mind and focus on something specific.

I never really understood, why this would be the case.

When I listen to music I always thought I would be more distracted as I’m focussing on the music rather than what I’m working on.

However ever since I’ve started university, I’ve listened to music a lot more than I used too, and also do a lot more work on the train and tube which are times when I Listen to music the most.

Im not a psychologist, I did study it for a few years, but I’m no expert. However I have learned that music is actually a really great focussing agent!

I like a lot of classical music, not really classic, but ballads from the 80’s and 90’s, sometimes earlier, they are my optimum listening when I work.

So, if you want to work, I suggest listening to some music! Not metallic or rock ballads, but something a little soothing, seems to do the trick!


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