How I want to change the world with my business.

Changing the world is such an over used term these days, and this annoys me. The term ‘changing the world’ is almost only for marketing purposes now, and this again really annoys me.

When I set off on this journey with my business Serenity, I knew exactly what my long term goals were for the business. I want to make Serenity a game changer, now thats what everyone says, however I feel today Serenity has an advantage.

Currently, the market in technology is highly saturated, and you may think well this is the perfect reason not to go into the industry, however at this present moment in time, the technology sector is also becoming very same – same, for example smartphones. Now, I don’t intend on ‘reinventing’ the phone once again at any point in the near future, who knows down the line, but this is the perfect example of things getting complex. All phones are now made of metal and glass, all are predominantly black and look very similar. Once upon a time this wasn’t the case. However as technology progresses, people are getting left behind, because they simply can’t use the tools at hand because they are too complex, enter photoshop.

I want to make Serenity a game changer, now thats what everyone says, however I feel today Serenity has an advantage

This was my eureka moment. The moment the oversized lightbulb lit up above me. This is where Serenity comes in.

I wanted to make the complex simple, thats the mantra of the business in anything it does. The first app we made was built to be simple and secure, welcome Switch into the family (Or Swift as it was known then) in 2013.

Our second project however, was when we went fully into the research. We wanted to solve this complex into simplicity debacle. Sketch was born when we realised people wanted to do high grade photo editing but simply didn’t because they didn’t know how to use photoshop. Or sometimes felt scared to use such a feature rich, and heavy program. Sketch was built to be the stepping stone into using Photoshop like apps. Its built in an incredibly simple way, with one bar at the bottom housing everything that you need, with a studio option to do more high grade editing and the main screen mainly for previewing and viewing and cropping your photos. Its still a project with a lot of new features and more in-depth technology being built into it and it shall explode with new features in the next year or so. However when we saw the success of Sketch, we knew we were onto something.

If we could do this for Photo editing, why not another high grade complex application.

Now this part is where I would love to unveil our next projects but I won’t do that just yet, as it hasn’t got a patent! However I just want you to know its there.

This the basic structure of the business and mentality of Serenity, and this is the mentality it shall share and use for years and years to come. Its a mantra that we believe no one uses to the extent we do. Other companies and big corporates say they make things simpler, but they don’t, its based on marketing. We do not making anything that we would use and think this is little hard to use. We don’t even feel that we need a support page on the website, we are that confident. However we have a basic one in place just in case something doesn’t work, as thats the nature of tech. Sometimes things do go wrong, same as a human, same as anything.

This is where Serenity Co, and I, want to change the world. The buzz of something new is electrifying, I love working on new things, and especially when its technology, as the barriers in technology just don’t exist, the opportunities tech gives to change peoples lives is infinite!

This infinity of opportunity and creativity was the main reason that got me into the world of technology in the first place. Having the tools to change someone even if it was a small change that could make a big difference to their lives, that was enough to sell the wonder of tech to me.

This is where Serenity Talks comes from. We gain no revenue at all from Serenity Talks, and we don’t intend to. Talks is intended to teach and inspire people in the way that technology can impact peoples lives and other industries. We want to get people from different industries, industry leaders to express the way tech impacts their business, and the way it helps for the better. This is was main reason for the existence of Serenity Talks, not to have another revenue stream.

I want Serenity to inspire and engage people into the practical applications of tech and the way it can help one another and change peoples lives, in developed and developing counties alike

I feel this is a good note to end this post on. Serenity Co is all the above and more. I want Serenity to be a beacon for people who find tech frustratingly hard to use, I want Serenity to inspire and engage people into the practical applications of tech and the way it can help one another and change peoples lives, in developed and developing counties alike. Technology is not a luxury, nor a product restricted to certain elites of people. Tech is everywhere and it should be, and we want to spear head a new technological revolution that makes Technology easier to use, and harness the creativity of people had previously doubted tech as they couldn’t fully understand its huge value.

This is me, and this is my company.


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