The June Election is Genius

The Election called for June is genius. I am an advocate for Theresa May, I think so far she has done a very good job, she has been given a huge role. Tasks so big no other PM has faced for decades. None of them her doing either, which we sometimes forget. Then she faces a terror attack and the Scotland problem on top of Brexit, which in itself is a career defining negotiation.

So calling an election right in the middle of all this mess would be stupid right?


May wasn’t elected, and thats her biggest problem going forward with Brexit negotiations, and this isn’t from domestic hostility. When negotiating thats a big trump card to put to the table to deny May her plans as she was never voted in, she was chosen by a select few to fill the role left vacant from David Cameron’s departure. She also knows she will win the election, as Labour, and myself being a member of, is failing. I am ashamed to be part of this party and have been thinking of jumping ship while I can for a while. Jeremy Corbyn can’t run a party let alone the country and deliver a successful Brexit that works for all. So for the first time in my life I shall be voting conservative, not for the values of the tories, but for Theresa Mays solid leadership.


So by calling an election, she has the opportunity to strengthen her hand in Europe as a democratically elected leader of the people, and this gives her credibility and more stature to deliver a better and more rewarding deal in Europe while the United kingdom prepares to withdraw from the EU.

Even outside Brexit, this gives her more stature to go against Sturgeons calls for Scottish Independence, which I also completely disagree with at this present moment in time, its very stupid to conduct independence while dealing with Brexit.

So this is my opinion, you may have different ones or agree with mine! Comment below and lets have a debate! Love a good old debate!



One Comment

  1. Simply throw her out,but she knows by calling it now ,is the fact she cannot sort Brexit out,so looking to shift it to someone else,but it will probably be her still to sort out,


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