After recently turning 19, what happened after my 18th birthday?

A year can pack a lot of milestones. This year was no exception. On Saturday the 22nd April, yours truly turned 19, finally, so now would be a good time to reflect on another year that has passed. So what happened after my 18th birthday last year.

The single biggest milestone would be starting University. I started in September 2016, and this was a huge change. I met brand new people, who now are some of my closest friends, and some being friends for life. I have adapted to the new learning style, and love the way we learn in our course, from sitting in the circle to working on new personal project for the first time. This is great and I would never go back.

Socially as well, I feel I have developed so much since my last birthday, I’m more confident and feel more proud of my work and what I have achieved, what I’ve been able to conquer since last year.

I still have a long way to go, but at 19, I feel like a completely different person to when I became 18 a year ago, and hopefully this time next year, when I hit 20, I would have changed and developed even more, academically, and as a person.

See ya soon!

Brandon x


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