Letting go.

Something I always hate to do.

It’s the single most hardest thing to do in life in my opinion. In business and personal contexts.

When you put your all into something, like a project or friendship or anything, and then it gets to the point of letting go, it can hard. Emotions are a complex thing, a thing that can’t be controlled no matter how hard you try.

Im a very emotional person. I like to put my 100% into everything I do, so when it comes to saying goodbye or letting go, I find it bloody hard. I get connected very easily and when I try to let go of things to try and move forward, it takes a lot from me to say goodbye and let go.

You will have to say goodbye to things close to heart through out life. Great projects, great business ideas. Great people. Amazing people.

It often hurts less when you let go, than trying to hold on

This is the quote I think of whenever I have to depart with anything thats close to me. its still hard and it takes its toll but it makes it a little easier at least.

So yeah. Letting go is hard. Letting go is really, really hard.

But I run by the theory of fate, and hope the things that I have to let go of now, will come back to me, and I will still get to find a way to see that project prosper somewhere else, see that idea grow, see that person again.

So never give up, letting go is the first step to moving forward. It isnt always a bad thing, it seems it but when you let go, those things usually find a way to find you again, thats what I believe, and will continue to believe.

B x x x


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