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Day One: An amazing first day New York Bound!

So On a Monday afternoon, at around 5 O’Clock, I departed from my Family at Heathrow airport, went through the security gates, and I was officially on my trip to New York, alone. It did seem daunting at first, but the thrill of it far outweighed the nerves.

I boarded the British Airways 747 flight, bound to JFK International Airport, New York.

After the 7 and a half hour flight, I landed, at 10:30pm US time. Climbed into my Yellow Taxi and made my way to the hotel.

I remember the first time I saw the Empire State building in the flesh, emblazoned in Green and White. It was stunning and made me remember truly where I was. Before hand the trip hadn’t seemed to have sunk in, the full realisation that I had finally made it to New York! This cemented and ended that thought.

I struggled with my phone signal and that took up most of my night but afterwards I had a sound first sleep in my lovely bed and great hotel!

The first day

The first day I didn’t pre book anything, as I wanted to adapt to the atmosphere of the place. Get my bearings. The first place I went was for a walk to Central Park! It was only 10 mins away from my hotel!


This was my walk to the Park! 

It was beautiful. The park itself was very unlike any other park I had been too. It was very quiet, even though the bustling city of New York, the city that never sleeps, was business as usual on all sides of the park. All you could hear was the tweeting of the birds overhead, and the quiet talking of the people walking around the park and sitting on the grass. The park was also very quiet because of the time of day, I got there at about 8:30AM (Im a very early riser!), so that made it even better.

The park itself is also huge. I spent two hours walking along the park, and got to a map to see how far I had got too. I hadn’t even made it half way, and Im a fast walker! So this shocked me greatly! There was many different areas inside, there was great lawns, dense forest, and wide open lakes. One of which you could boat on which I did and shall explain on another post on another day!

The sun shone so bright too. Walking around in shorts and a t-shirt was very liberating after the cold winter jackets and jeans for the British weather I was accustomed to.

I sat on a rock next to the lake for a little while and saw little turtles! They were so sweet I wanted to take one home but that would be cruel, and could also pose a problem when I eventually had to leave! Haha but that was saddening haha!

I walked through the nature reserve which was also just as silent, just the birds singing, the birds tweeting, and the water flowing. It really was a very serene atmosphere here.

After the park I took to the city, and walked a good distance of 5th Avenue. Walked unknowingly until the last day past Trump Tower, and also went by the Apple Store 5th Avenue! I then took a subway to Battery Park. Within Battery Park, I saw the Statue of Liberty again very serene to actually see it in person. It was rather small due to the distance but I would go to see it in person very close hand and again this is for a later post!

After chilling in battery park and having my first New York hotdog for lunch, and some ice cold lemonade (Its now around 30 Degrees) I decided to take the walk to Ground Zero. I had mixed emotions of this trip as this was something I’ve wanted to have done for a very very long time. I have always found the story and the details of the attacks on the World Trade centre so fascinating and heart breaking and wanted to go and see the ground zero site in person to pay my respects and be able to feel the atmosphere that surrounds the site there.

I will end this post here, and my next post will go into more detail of the next part of my trip! Stay tuned!

Brandon x x 


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