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Day One: Ground Zero, serene, sad, and humble

This was one of most emotional aspects of the trip. Since I can remember I have wanted to visit and pay my respects, and witness for myself the now peaceful place where such terrible destruction and plain right evil had occurred.

I remember when I first set eyes from a distance on the north pool. My heart instantly started to get faster, as this was it! I was finally doing something I wanted to do for years and years, and it was just there in front of me. It wasn’t until I stood next to it that I realised the sheer size of the footprint the trade centre towers had left behind, in the pictures below, the specs on the other side of the pool, those are people, just to put some perspective into place.

One of many facts I learnt is that the footprint is exactly an acre. Each floor of each tower was an acre big. So pretty big one could say. I wasn’t due to go to the museum until Friday, but just being there was so emotional.

Reading all the names wrapped around the pools, emblazoned into the surface, put into perspective the level of human life lost that day, and that each and every one of the people who died that day were individuals, all had names, stories, quirks, talents and skills. All lost. All gone.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom in my mind however.

While I was sitting there, looking up at the now finished Freedom Tower, North Towers replacement, otherwise known as One World Trade Centre. All the surrounding buildings, all the trees, greenery and of course the two beautiful pools. This shows that we didn’t fall to the terror that happened, we rose. We came together and a beautiful place of remembrance and solidarity rose from the  ashes of the graves of where two magnificent towers once stood.

The feeling I felt that day, being there, after such a long time of dreaming. Its something I can’t describe with words. That feeling will stay with me to the day I die, and will never mellow or go away.

I strongly urge you if you are reading this that some point in your life, pay ground zero a visit. Its something you will never regret, and something where you will left a changed person.

More on that coming in the next post when I actually visit the Museum!

Stay Tuned!


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