Day Two: Bus Touring and Night Cruising

Today was a greatly busy day! It started at 8AM with me boarding the bus tour, the first of three tours to commence around New York city. The first took me around similar to where I walked on the first day. It went around Times Square, It went uptown around Tribeca, and then the World Trade Centre and Battery park.

I then, after two hours came back to Times Square and boarded the Mid town bus, that took me around the Empire State building, Guggenheim Museum and the Rockefeller centre and the North side of Central Park.

The third and final bus was the down town bus and that took me all over Brooklyn and did a full loop of the enormous central park.

This was great, as I got to experience three different tour guides, all very different and put a different perspective into the different parts of New York city. It also was good to retrace my steps in a way from the day before, but this time sitting so my feet and legs got a well earned break from the 45,000 steps they did the day before!

Night Tour

The night tour was sensational.

It was a cruise along the New York skyline and it started when the sun was just setting and finished with the sun fully set.

It started with the view of the Empire State building and the Chrysler building in the background, with the sensational view of the sun beginning to set behind the two mega structures. The gentle breeze on my face and the gentle sway of the boat as it sailed past the skyline, was an amazing feeling. I just felt so peaceful, no stress, no fuss, no mess. Everything faded to the back of my mind and I felt at one with the city, and with myself.

We then moved to the tip of the city which consisted of Battery Park and again the World Trade Centre. Just like the rest of the city, the trade centre and the surrounding buildings leaped into a whole new life when the sun went down. They illuminated brightly showing a new side to them, a new life, they look alive at night. Looking at the buildings on the way back when the sun was fully down was breathtaking! Truly incredible!

We then headed back to the dock and I walked back to my hotel! Ready for the next day of festivities, which consisted of a ferry to the State of Liberty! Exciting times!

Brandon x x x


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