Day Three: The day I met Miss Liberty

Today, was statue day! At 8AM I toon an early subway to Battery Park and made my way to the Statue cruise! I then realised I booked the 11AM slot, so then I had a couple of hours spare, and the sun was blazing!

I ended up spending most of the time sitting on the bench by the harbour and looking directly at the open water with the Statue of Liberty in the right of my vision in the distance. She still seemed rather big even from a distance, you could see the detailing very clearly.

When I was sitting there, I had time to think and let it sink in where I was! I have always seen the statue from a picture or on the television, but now it was real, and right in front of me. It took me back slightly I must say.

After various phone calls and me ‘bragging’ haha where I was, It was time!

I went through the airport style security at the gate and was sent to board Miss Liberty (The name of the boat).

It was a very pleasant ride, I sat on the sun deck, with the breeze flowing in my face, and my hair… and the sun shining directly on us. It was amazing.

When then docked, and thats when the sheer size of the statue was understood. She was huge! Also she was the only thing on the island so it made her look even larger! She was stunning, and she definitely still looked like a beacon of freedom and liberty, just as her sculptors had dreamt she would be.

The sun again, blazing down made her look even more phenomenal.

After I had lunch, at this time I had also found out about the crash in Times Square. This was rather scary considering my hotel was only two streets away from where the crash had happened.

But that was soon forgotten when I did lap around the bottom of the statue. I said it before and I will keep saying it, she looked amazing. The colour and the torch, the sheer size. She was so amazing and again something you can only get from being in person.

Afterwards I then boarded the ferry ‘Miss New York’ back and this time we passed Ellis Island which again looked amazing with the lovely weather and clear sunshine.

I then headed back and took some rest in my hotel. I also walked past the crash site, which was still closed off to the public and was eerily quiet.

Once at the hotel, I kicked off my shoes and shorts and slumped on my bed with the AC at fall blast, the heat was now fully on!

More to come 🙂 x x x


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