Day Four: 9/11 Museum and the helicopter ride!

This day was a very thought provoking one for me.

Being there again, at ground zero, and this time learning the story behind the pools and seeing for myself relics of the towers that still survive and serve a purpose of teaching history today.

The museum itself is built underneath the pools, and a first for me, is learning that the pools are actually built above the wreckage and basements levels of the World Trade Centre towers. The foundations, and remnants of the under building still intact, are preserved beautifully and the story told stunningly.

One story I found most compelling and got me rather emotional was this one involving the bike in the picture.


One of the employees in the north tower of World Trade Centre brought a old bike to renovate and build on as a hobby, but his workmates thought he was crazy and would never finish it on time. Unfortuenly a week later he would die when the towers were struck on September 11th.

Some of his workmates however survived and they continued work and eventually finished the bike as it stands in this picture as a mark of respect for their friend who lost his life due to the attacks. Stories like these really fascinate me and make me think about huge scenarios, like 9/11 in a whole different light. Underneath the huge blanket of the events that occurred, are over 3000 individuals who lost their lives and all have different stories to tell. Of all ages and all shapes, sizes, colours and races. All different.

Another room at the museum was a room full of every picture and name of the victims who lost their lives. Again this struck me as a name itself doesn’t allow you to grasp a connection, however as soon as you connect a face to that name, your mindset changes completely and you feel an emotional connection.

This place and its feelings will forever be with me.

The Helicopter Ride

This was my FINAL booked activity, and it was soooo worth the wait! I have never been in helicopter until this point so I had no idea what to expect, but all I can say is that it was EPIC!

Take off was so quick and much different to a plane. You shoot up and then more or less simultaneously you turn and commence on your journey. I was sat at the front next to the pilot because I was the lightest of the four passengers on the helicopter, so that made it even cooler, added with the equipment and the scenery that greeted us.

After my helicopter ride, I took a trip to hells kitchen (After a pit stop to my hotel haha) and had the best burger I have had in ages! It was cooked perfectly, huge, succulent, lots and lots of cheese, topped with a brioche bun and heap of fries! Proper American Style I loved it! I also had such a nice cocktail with it, I can’t exactly remember the name, but it had a mixture of gin, vodka, lemon and I believe cherries? Gosh I don’t know but it tasted divine! Had three of them!

This day, was Definitely a crowning moment on the trip, and such a good day to finish the trip on.

Stay tuned for the last last day! Coming soon!

B x x x


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