Thoughts to Words

I admit. I have been and I am one of those who like to bottle things up. I don’t often enough speak out my problems or annoyances and then, after  while, I implode. Often with emotion or just full on mental breakdown (Not a literal one haha I am completely sane I can promise 🙂 )

But this has always haunted me, until a wise person showed me and advised me something called Thoughts to words.

Everything changed after that.

Sounds slightly dramatic but every bit true. Simply writing out whats swirling in your head is equally if not more satisfying and helpful than venting to a poor friend. You are able to fully speak out your mind, and it makes you think as you write. Is this really what I’ve been worried about? Did it really get that bad? How did I leave this so late?

Writing out what you have on your mind really helps you, empty, clear up, and question those thoughts that are building. The tensions that you have seem to mellow as you begin to question the validity and usefulness of those tensions you have.

If that special someone never told me about thoughts to words. This Blog would have never existed. My diary, that no one really knows about, until now I guess, would have never been born. And my mind, would have been hurting a lot more than it does and would be hurting for a very different reason than it is now (If you wanted to know, I just had a cycle ride, and the sun is shining so slight migraine coming along!)

So whoever reads this. If you don’t already, I now advise you, just as that person advised me. Thoughts to words. Even if its post it notes, a diary like I have, a blog, even if no one reads it blog away! The positives and the relief you will feel will be like nothing you have felt before. The weight of the world and your thoughts would well and truly be lifted from your shoulders.

Never hold it in, let it out, and never let your thoughts get the best of you.

B x x x


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