Managing Change.

I’ve experienced a great amount of change in my life. In terms of business and my personal life. Most notably this week as you could gather from my previous blog post (I urge to read if you feel confused at this point! Here is is!)

Now this is a short explanation and short piece of advice to help you cope with change. As change happens, it happens to everybody, and we need to know how to manage it as it can be overwhelming sometimes!

First step is adopt the thoughts to words mantra. This is something that undermines almost everything I do. Assess the size of the change, what has changed and what this change will mean for you, and write it down. This way helps you process it. You don’t need to write a dissertation on it, even some words on post it words is something, you are still putting your thoughts into words.

Then, reflect and think of the positives the change will bring. This helped me a lot. In terms of the recent changes in my life I thought of freedom, and the freedom of being me without having to hide away from people who may not know yet, which was more or less everybody I knew. So thinking if I did this change, or if this happened and when it happened, I thought freedom, and this made me feel a hell of a lot better about the new situation I was given! So I urge you to do the same! Think of the positives and stick to it. When theres more negatives coming then positives however, this is when I would start to evaluate is this change worth it? If its something you have done (Like me) then I would not bother with the change, however if its something out of your control then try and consult the source of the change and go that way. Otherwise if its out of your control the best thing to do is to go with it, still think of the positives as it will make you feel better inside.

Last but not least is to act normal, adopt the change, and carry on! This seems very simple and basic but trust me the amount of people who fail to get to the third stage is staggering. I’ve witnessed it many times before and this is how I’ve come to learn this way. Im no expert, or expert psychologist. I’ve done general psychology before but this by no means makes me an expert. However something I can tell you about this advice I’m giving you, is that it comes from past experience. Its happened, to me and people I know. Its something I’ve performed, done in real life, observed from others, and it works!

Don’t be scared of change, as change can be scary! Damn right it can be! But go with it. Change is healthy. Live life and never let anything hold you back. Again I’ll revert to a quote that I think would fit well here:

Don’t waste your life living someone else’s

Change, evolve, regenerate and grow. Its all part of your story. Don’t be afraid of it, and quite simply, carry on being awesome!

Brandon x x x 


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