London is my home, and evil will never bring it down.

The latest Terror attack on London late Saturday night, is a stark reminder of the new world we live in.

The last major Terror attack to hit the streets of London before 2017, was the 7th July 2005.

However this year alone, London has seen two major attacks, Westminster and now London bridge, and then the Manchester attack only two weeks ago. Three months has seen three attacks.

This is the world we live in today.

However my view point of this scenario is one of, if the attacks are becoming more frequent, this shows that they (the evil in the world) are growing scared of our togetherness.

After every single attack, we have united, in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge. The attacks abroad too, Paris, Brussels, all over the world. Theres always a sense of Unity, something that the evil of this world seems to hate, and thats good.

I will never be scared off by terrorism. I live in London, go to University in Westminster, and travel the tube and bus network everyday. I cycle over Westminster bridge on a daily basis and have cycled across most of Londons bridges quite frequently.

There will never be a day when terror will stop me doing my day to day life. Once I do that, they win, they succeed. They want us to stop and be fearful. Thats why the London Bridge Attackers wore fake bomb vests, they know it will spark fear into the city. But it didn’t and it won’t. We are too united in our values of good, our values of love.

Love trumps hate every time, and never forget that.

My thoughts are with the families of loved ones who were injured or killed in Saturdays attack in London, and for any possible future attacks, your time is running out evil.

There will come a day when evil will die and good rules the world, and the more they attack us, the quicker that day will come.




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  1. Amazing Brandon! My thoughts are with you and the people of London. After the Boston Marathon bombings I felt the same way—I lived only a quarter mile from the terrorists, and when they went on their rampage a few days later they started it just blocks from my work as I was getting off for the night.

    In the days and weeks that followed, we Bostonians refused to be frightened. Unity wins every time, and yes, absolutely, Love Trumps Hate. Continue to be brave and strong, live your life, and good will triumph.

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