“Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content…”

The title of this post is a quote from an American Novellist called Louis D’Amour, I have to credit Locky for that one (You know who you are!) I was for once stuck on a title and he sorted it for me, couldn’t take credit for that haha!

Anyway to the main attraction of this post.

Do you like to explore? Have you ever gone out of your way to explore something new? Taste something new? Experience something new?
Well I hadn’t until recently.

If you didn’t know I recently got back from a trip to the US and my fave city ever New York City. This was my first trip alone and trip to United States since 2003 (A very long time ago). It was also the first time I’ve ever gone to New York. 

Just before my trip, I had been thinking of things to do for my birthday, and I was feeling spontaneous and wanted to do something different and go out out for my birthday, and not just the usual. The first step was ok I may go on holiday! I had some savings and I could afford it so why not! This was the first step to trying something new. Then the next question was where? I then consulted my bucket list of world locations. I wanted to travel to many places in Europe, Berlin, Budapest where I have family, Italy and Rome, Paris. Then it hit me, NEW YORK!

This scared me a little as not going to lie, this normally is not me. Being business minded and organised I like plans and ideas of what is happening in advance, so being so spontaneous about something as huge as a holiday to the US for a week on my jones was pretty big for me! 

Now this is where my constant changed. 

My constant in regards to birthdays was meeting with family and celebrate, which I will always do and always love, then meeting with friends which I will always do and always love. However before my 19th I had never really done anything for just me. This year was when that constant changed. I embarked on my trip abroad two weeks later, and succeeded. A whole week.  I tried new things, rode a heli, saw liberty, paid my respects at ground zero, and much much more, it was a jam packed week! 

However once I returned to London, my mental state of mind had changed.

Everything I was doing, back in my normal life, was just not fulfilling. I found my self bored at things that usually would be deemed ok! I wanted to go back, go to somewhere new, continue to break the constants in my life.

Try new foods, see new sights, smell new smells, experience many different cultures and ways of life. Then possibly bring them back or elements, and adopt them in my day to day life and make my life a little more interesting and organised.

Like the title states, don’t get stuck in the cycle of constant. I know I’ve given the example of trips, and trust me they cost money haha hence why after New York my next trips are very much conceptual right now! Even eating something new for lunch that you haven’t eaten before, or taking the bus instead of the tube if you have the time and take the scenic route. Instead of sitting indoors or going to the same park or Same place when you have free time, explore a new park and new places. I’ve explored many new places in London since I started uni that have been really cool and right on my doorstep, but never experienced before. 

All of these examples break the daily routine and cycle we sometimes find ourselves stuck in.

So go out and change something, try new things, experiment, you may find the grass is greener if you try something new rather than drain your normal activities of interest when you do them on a day to day basis. 

Brandon x x x


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