Love is not a losing game. It can hurt a lot, but its priceless.

Love is a difficult one.

Theres three types of love in my opinion. You have love for your family, love for your friends, and romantic love with a partner.

Now my problem with love is you can’t choose who you love. You love who your heart decides to love, and thats it.

You can love someone after meeting them only once, even if they are far far away and you can’t feel them, you can still love them. Love them dearly.

Now this is where the title of the post comes in. Love isn’t a loosing game. Now there was a time where I agreed with Amy Winehouse and yes, I thought it was a loosing game for the very scenario I wrote about in the third paragraph. However I recently reflected on it and realised no, no it isn’t.

I would never turn back time and change the way I felt, even though It killed me inside, I wouldn’t want to erase it from memory, as that very person has shaped me into the confident person I am today. Encouraged me to think ahead, think positive and never give up. Taught me my mantra I’ve repeated countless times, helped me mature to some degree. I have a different outlook on life, its made me stronger as a person, made me happy, and made me cry.

But never would change it, not any of it.

I believe in the vision that if this is how I feel, someday, that person will be by my side and we will reunite once again.

Now if you are reading this, and this post applies to you and is similar to your own situation. Do not give up.

Its hard and trust me I’ve given up countless times, but then life has taught me and given me the will power to go on. You can’t just give up.

Love is a complex thing, something I could never explain in a blog post. Its something beyond explanation. Its something you feel.

Its power, its wisdom, and its beautiful, so cherish it!


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