Why I find Cycling so therapeutic

I love cycling. Its something I have always had a passion for, but something I’ve only really put to practice relatively recently.

Now the reason I love cycling, is the freedom, the excitement, the adrenaline and the calm. Its you and the bike. Thats it. You control where you are going and the speed, the bike does the rest.

The breeze blowing onto my face and through my hair and clothes makes it even more exhilarating.

Im a rider of fixed gear bikes. I used to ride a mountain but moved to fixed because of the utter simplicity of the bike. Theres no fiddly gear changes, and less things to go wrong. Admittedly its a pain on hills, but once you get used to it its not that bad really, also if you are like me and a city rider, theres not many hardcore hills to tackle.

I go to the bike, one to get exercise and keep fit, and also just to get some thinking space. At the moment I am finding myself jump on the bike and go from Putney (Where I live) to Hyde Park, a long but joyful ride. I then stop at Hyde Park, sit there with a drink, and reflect and put my thoughts together. Often finding themselves be placed on here or my diary!

Cycling is just awesome. Its something I always enjoy and more so now, as I find myself more free time to ride during the summer term before second year.

So thats basically it.

For me, cycling is freedom, reflection, adrenaline and excitement, with added fitness and health element thats essential for healthy thinking!


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