My opinions on Apples latest offerings. Blown away.

So like every year I sat down and live streamed the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. (I’m a sucker for tech!)

I was a little worried this year would be a downer, as last year was pretty packed with iOS 10 and all the changes there, however this year trumped. It was epic, seriously wasn’t expecting it.

First was tvOS and smaller tweaks, like Amazon coming to Apple TV, and watchOS 4, with its better upgrades like Siri watchface and new dock. New MacBook Pros and iMacs also showered the show, which was again a surprise. However the biggies this year were iOS 11 and HomePod.

iOS 11 is a mammoth upgrade. It completely changes the way the phone and the iPad feel. They feel fresh, new and even more sleek and modern, with new animations, OS structure and new features like the file system and photo and Siri upgrades. The big guns come up for the iPad though. I’m loving the new Dock and Multitasking gestures. These features will make iPad become the serious contender to Surface that its destined to be. I would take an iPad over a surface with iOS 11 any day. The fluidity and ease of use is unparalleled.

I cannot wait to get my hands on it later June!

Second Big one was HomePod, the Siri speaker that has been rumoured for a while. However I was pleasantly surprised at its design and its functionality. The way it looks, sounds and feels is very apple. It’s clean, crisp, and very high quality, from the build of the actual device itself to the sound it produces, the sound is incredible!

I haven’t heard it physically but from sound recordings, one speaker can easily fill a large room with impressive sound, emitting rich bass and a king harmonies. It comes with advanced technology that scans its position in the room and automatically directs the sound in the  directions it’s meant to go.

I’m really happy. This conference has shown apple is back on track and still able to produce wows, and wonder, and is still a dynamic fresh company.

Roll on the autumn when these upgrades become global and available to the public as non beta releases!



    1. Thank you 🙂

      I don’t know the exact dates yet as they haven’t been unveiled yet (as in the dates) however the public releases of the software upgrades will be September and the iMac in December. The iPads and new MacBook Pros will be In a couple of weeks

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