Its all about who you know, not what you know.

This is just a short, but valuable post!

I have always up until university been under the impression that I must have a vast knowledge in order to succeed in business. I had done lots of research during my time in college on various different companies, big, small, success and failure. However when I reached University this all changed.

My mindset was switched almost instantly. Straight on the first day.

I was told its not what you know, its all about who you know. This is completely right!

I never realised this before! I still do research for my own benefit and for use in the future, but I have begun to network with many more people and the amount of groundwork I have done on my business during the first year of university has been quadruple the amount I had done during college, probably more but I can’t be bothered to do exact calculations haha.

I have embraced the world of linked in. I started University with 8 connections. I know have over 200. All connections that I can use to my advantage to progress my business, and visa versa, where I can offer my expertise to help them in return.

So this is a mindset that will stick with me for life.

Its not about what you know, its all about who you know.

Brandon x x x


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