What would I do if I was her?

I have had this conversation many times with many different people from all over the world.

Personally I am very disappointed after this election, even more so than the 2015 one. I am a Labour supporter, however I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. I haven’t warmed to him and I think he has done far too little to tackle the divisions in the party. If he showed the determination and strength that he has in the last seven weeks through out his leadership, my mindset would be different. However I like Mays leadership. I’m not a Tory myself, however I like Mays strength and I like her determination and will power. Its something we need in a leader going forward and looking into the rocky waters of Brexit.

Theresa May and her Number 10 Speech after winning the 2017 General Election
Now lets rewind, to when Theresa May was first made Prime Minister. She commanded, a fairly large majority government. We were as it may be ‘strong and stable’. However we had just voted for Brexit, we were still highly divided and Scottish Independence was looming over Westminster.

So heres the question, If you were elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, what would you do? Now this isn’t a full blown manifesto and the calculations probably won’t be there, this is just a general overview of what I would do If I were Ms May.

Security and Terrorism

My first response would be Security and Terrorism. Now you could be wondering, well wouldn’t it be Brexit? However Brexit touches all of these subjects very well so Brexit will be featured somewhere in all these sub sections of this post, so I don’t repeat any information.

I would when looking to negotiate a Brexit deal, I would sever the Freedom of Movement act. I feel this is a very open door to any Terror suspects and has been shown to have allowed some of the attackers of recent to come into the country undetected and without questioning. This also links to the Human Rights Acts. I would conduct something very similar to what Ms May was offering and I would want to remove the EU Human Rights Act from affecting the United Kingdom and I would want to draft a new one. One what would be more direct in targeting terror suspects, for example giving permission and law to deport anyone on the terror watchlist whenever there is any evidence that they are conducting anything of terror nature. Some of the attackers in the London and Manchester attacks were present on that list, why were they are not stopped? This is the reason I would completely re write them to allow for this direct nature to be applied to terror suspects.

Something I would differ from May is her stance on Internet companies. I personally do not believe they should open up and decrypt their services, this would create a huge and much wider problem than as a solution to the original problem. Opening up platforms where often Billions of people use everyday to detect a small handful of people in comparison is far too much of a security risk than the problem this would solve. I would build a consortium as it were, and would actively talk with tech companies to work on initiatives where we could help crack down terrorism online without the need of exposing millions of peoples personal data.

I would also begin to regulate social media platforms, in terms of what data they take and what data they keep. This wouldn’t be spying and gaining peoples data instead, but there is not any boundaries to what Facebook and other big companies can do in terms of data. We are a data driven world and need to make sure this data remains safe and regulation would help do that.

Lastly, I would invest heavily into more police and emergency services, increasing the amount of armed officers, not however arming every officer, what has been debated recently. I would also want to increase the the military, so when we do need to draft in military personal to assist the police in times of terror, we are sufficiently guarded from other threats that may occur.

I would renew trident, in todays world we need defence not to use but as a deterrent, and I would actively work with countries such as North Korea on a basis of finding common ground and helping to ease the growing political tensions between the US and the North Korean state.


In conjunction with Trade, I would request to leave the Single Market. As a business owner myself, I believe the current system conceals a lot of red tape, that restricts businesses in the EU to mainly targeting EU countries and this in turn harms trading with other countries. I would look to carve a new trading relationship with the EU, preferably Tariff free , however this would look to be very difficult to achieve. I would strike new deals with China, and the USA.

NHS and Public services

I would put a lot of investment into the NHS. An exact figure I couldn’t give, however funding is needed to keep the system from collapsing in the current state it is. I would ensure that the NHS remains under state control, and would take back departments of the NHS that have been privatised and put laws in the place that maintain the NHS for years after the government moves on. In terms of foreign nationals, I believe if they are here less than a year, are not working, and don’t have solid citizenship, they should have to pay for the treatment, as they would have not paid tax in which pays for the service.

Other public services such as education and the emergency services, I would also invest heavily into, opening new state schools, and giving more funding to existing schools to expand and improve their facilities and expand the amount of students they can educate.

I would fund this via many cuts such as the foreign budget. I think far to much money gets sent abroad when we could spend it on much more vital domestic services such as the NHS, and public services like education and emergency services.

Cuts to MP wages and rises in Corporation tax would also help fund the initiatives above.

LGBT Issues

I would scrap gay conversion therapy, as I believe its barbaric that in todays society this is still a therapy. Being gay myself, you can’t be changed its the way you are wired and that can never change so this therapy is ridiculous so I would ban it right away.

I would also make it easier for gay couples to adopt and foster children.

Mental Health

This goes with the NHS, I think it should be far more funded than it is currently, its been forgotten amongst the huge cuts to public services we have seen.


I would not nationalise them. The reasoning is this.

Many people believe that nationalising the railway will make it better. It won’t. When you have companies competing in a private market, you see the quality of the service and product increase dramatically as the company needs to step up to compete against other rivals. So nationalising it could actually make the delays and problems today worse, rather than better.

This is what I would do to a handful of issues, theres so much more to cover.

This is a handful of things I would do, as I said this is no way a manifesto of mine, however its something of a wish list of what I would do if I had the chance to be the Prime Minster, what about you guys?

I turn the question over to you.

Do you agree with me? Disagree? Comment below and spark a debate. This is my personal opinion so there will be stark differences with other peoples opinions. Lets spark a debate now!

What would you do If you were Prime Minster? 

Brandon x x x


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