Nature is the best medicine for a broken mind.

The last week has seen me do something I never usually do. Go for a simple walk.

My mindset, being business minded, is go go go. All the time. Cycling, running, University, Business, Keynotes, slides, typing. Always go go go. However lately I have found myself, burnt out. My head hurt, I was rather emotionally exhausted and felt a little crap to be honest.

This is when nature came to play.

I am off Uni, so have a lot of free time, so I decided I shall not cycle, I am going to walk.

This became a three hour walk with my earphones in, listening to my favourite tunes (Some listed already on my blog!) and myself contemplating things. Contemplating and thinking about life, business, amazing people, and just thinking.

I entered into a new mindset I haven’t entered into for a long time. Nothingness. No agenda, no destination to where I was walking, just walking and seeing where the path took me. Thinking and going though my inner thoughts. A spring clean you could say, of all the thoughts in my head that made me troubled, or tired, or stressed, or sad, or distant.

I have walked every day this week, and I really haven’t felt as bad as I have before. It takes more than just a walk in the park, but its better than nothing at all, and it also takes you onto the journey of getting rid of those thoughts and moving on a better, and more refined person than before.

Brandon x x x


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