What made me like Tech?

Technology is something of a weird one for me. I love it. As it’s a sector that shows great potential to change the world and has already changed the world multiple times.

However there are times I hate it like calls dropping when I’m talking to a loved one, friends and family. 

However my love for it is stronger than the hate, hence why I own and run a small software development business. Would be slightly awkward if I hated tech but run a tech business 😂.

However my first exposure to real tech would be my first iPhone. Exposed to apps, and the real power of the internet in your hands. Seems rather trivial now but back then even a few years ago, it was still something people were adjusting too.

I started to dabble with coding at around Year 10 age, so 15/16, but played around with it a couple of years earlier. I finished my first PC app in 2012, a browser based on security. I then decided to update it and rename what was called SBrowser, to Swift originally but then apples programming language came around, so settled with Switch. This is now one of the tentpole apps in my business in which I founded based on that app alone in 2013, Serenity Co. Today, I have three apps, Switch, Crypto and Sketch, all have been updated. A Talks series and a developing Web platform and much more for the future.

This is the power of tech. Within three years so much change has happened. To my business and the industry. This is why I love it.

I’m not one to stick, I like to change and experiment and create and build. I’m a practical person. I like getting my hands dirty and using them when I need too and when I want too really. So this is why I love coding.

Technology is a sector that will never cease to stop growing and I aim to grow my businesses tenfold, with the growing advancement in the mobile space and the AI and AR sectors!

Watch this space!

Brandon x x x


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