Being the youngest in the Boardroom, isn’t easy. 

As a young entrepreneur myself I do often worry that my age will affect the chances of me getting investment. Most investors will be older than me, sometimes by a large margin, and will have drastically more business experience than me.

As soon as you see 19 as the age, you automatically think, immature, still young, hasn’t got experience, may not spend the money wisely. This seems like a harsh view but it’s true, it’s a view I’ve encountered and people have had of me.

So making yourself stand out as someone who means business, can be difficult, for anyone, but a little more difficult if you are the youngest in the Boardroom.

I read the Steve Jobs autobiography, and this was a topic very much discussed. Steve witnessed the same, in some ways discrimination. This especially, along with some other reasons lead to him being ousted from his own company by the board of directors who were all much much older and in some ways business wise than Steve was.

This is what first got me thinking about the situation.

This was a few years ago when I read this and its played on my mind since. How can I make myself dominate in the boardroom. I’m a rather quiet person, I don’t really like confrontation or conflict, so I used to stay rather neautral when in leadership scenarios. Now a year has passed I’m dramatically different. Some things have remained the same, I prefer to not be the loudest voice all the time, as my previous leadership posts have said I feel my style of leadership is from the team collective rather than solely the leader. So in some ways I’m still quiet, however I know when to use my voice and I will use it, not to cause conflict but to insure change and make sure things that are worrying me or the team are being addressed by the Appropriate people/ departments.

So I feel by being exposed to leadership roles so early in my career has helped me develop into a stronger person, so much so that I don’t feel worried about being the youngest in the boardroom anymore, I relish in it.

In the words of Aaliyah, ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number…’

Brandon x x x



  1. I found this one very inspiring. You’re right, age is just a number and i’m sure you would make more with those investments than most grownups. I faced a lot of that when I was 19, but stay strong, once you find them, you’ll do the best job ever.

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