Why I dislike the term ‘Queer’

I often hear the term queer used these days. Gender queer, identifying as queer. I however, technically ‘queer’ as the term defines, have never really liked the term.

When I looked up the definition of queer, as a word, it’s often connected to ‘abnormality’ and ‘strangeness’, unorthodox thinking. I don’t feel me being gay is something of an abnomilty or strange. It’s a way of life, it’s the way I’m wired, its how I live. To me heterosexuality is strange, and is something I would not engage with. So how comes homosexuality can be defined with a term that constitutes abnormality.

Strange, abnormal, perplexing, deviant, baffling, spoil and ruin, All words I would not connote with me being gay

The image shows the definition, the definition in the oxford English dictionary is very much the same too.

However, I did recently stumble upon an article about why the LGBT community should embrace the word queer, and it did raise some interesting points I haven’t thought of before.

It first raised the issue of derogatory use, which I argue against, and one of the main reasons why I don’t like the term. However in equal measure the word has been turned about and used as a term of empowerment, a term of acceptance to many people.

I never thought of it this way before.

An extract that most fascinated me came from this section of the article;

There is no doubt that the word has a complex history, that includes derogatory use by bullies and people who intend harm. ‘Queer’ also has a long history as a term of re-empowerment by the LGBTQ community, as a unifying term that recognizes that many complex identities that make up the LGBTIQQ (and many other identities) community. In fact, over the last thirty years, queer has emerged in academia, politics, and even popular culture as a term of identity, inclusion, and more and more positive use…

This really made me rethink my way of looking at the term.

I still do not feel comfortable with the term however I feel I have better understanding as to why people use the term. I no longer feel perplexed by the thought of people identifying as queer, which I felt before to be a very negative and nasty word in a way. I now see it as a personal choice, as a word that had a bad past however has been hijacked by the very people it tried to divide and has become a uniting term.

This is my view, let me know how you feel, but the article I quoted from is this (Accessed on the 11th June)


That’s it from me, a new post coming shortly 🙂


Brandon x x x



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