It’s hard to watch your life unfold, and sad. Life changes.

The title is a quote from the great Cilla Black. The issue of life changing is something I have felt more so this year than any other year.

Putting personal issues aside, just world changes. The new President, UK Politics with Brexit and now the disappointing election and hung parliament. The recent tower block fire that took the world by shock at its ferocity. The three UK terror attacks, and many more around the world. All of these events tell and show you how quickly life can change.

I never leave the house after an argument without a sorry or something to raise the note, for this specific reason. You never know what could happen, what life has in store for you, good and bad. Life is the one thing you can never bet on.

These changes are also personal. I’ve mentioned pretty big changes, and I have had my fair share of changes. For example, coming out was a huge change, University was a huge change. However smaller changes can also build up to be as big as the huge changes. Never overlook the small changes. Lately as explained in a previous post, I have been doing a lot of walking, and I have been back on the bike the last few weeks. I have felt a lot healthier, and a lot happier. My mind less cluttered with noise and mess and distractions. Just a simple walk, turned into a daily routine, that I intend to keep on!

I went from using a ball point pen to a fountain pen. Not a huge change, but just using an ink pen, and the fountain, felt so natural and more meaningful than a ballpoint. This partially helped bring about my diary, in which I only write with my fountain pen.

These small changes, some minutely small, have all come together and made me more confident, feel more pride in what I do, and declutter the noise and mess inside my head.

Theres still a lot of work to do, but all these small changes, mixed and often instigated by bigger changes, will all intersect in a point in the future. To a point where I will feel at one with what I am doing, my views and my goals. My ambitions and my aspirations.

Embrace change. Life always changes, in good ways, and bad ways, but always remember. Embrace today 🙂

Brandon x x x


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