Why didn’t I come out sooner?

The other day, during one of my walks I thought about recent events and said to myself, ‘why didn’t I come out sooner?’.

The amount of love and support I have received, has been astounding. I always held back thinking people would see me differently and not feel the same way about me as they did ‘before’ I was gay.

I haven’t really received any negative responses, however the negative responses have been dwarfed by the immense amount of positivity and support I have received.

However. Hindsight. Its an amazing thing.

Now I can see if 17 year old me was comfortable I could come out and been happy, but I didn’t know that and to be honest i feel I wouldn’t have been ready then.

Coming to terms with your sexuality is a hard thing to do. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t come out yet, or still feel closeted. Its a hard thing. Its never going to be simple. I wouldn’t regret anything about how I came out. It worked exactly how I wanted to and I was lucky it did. As it doesn’t happen like that for everybody.

Don’t let it stop you though. You are you and you can never change that and no one else can change that either. You are beautiful the way you are, you don’t need to change or hide away. Be you, be free, be open.

It changed me in ways I never could have imagined, I feel more confident, happier and free to write about my situation and help others who are in my situation.

No one can change you, Nothing can change you, so embrace you!

Brandon x x x


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