Ever since I came out, even to my best friend many moons ago now, I have felt an urge to try many new things.

It helped me escape the cage I was putting myself into with keeping myself hidden away.

I felt liberated, and wanting to do things differently, change things up. It started with my fashion. I purchased a lot of clothes, like this isn’t a different thing for me as I have always loved clothes. However the clothes I was buying were vastly different to what I had before. During college (probably reflecting my mood haha) I mostly wore black and white. Not gothic blacks, but black skinny jeans and black and white printed shirts. Black and white stripes, solid white solid black. I didn’t really have much colour going on.

However when I started university, and around the time I felt more comfortable with my orientation and was open to my uni friends, my fashion changed and was refined. I experimented and still am, with bold colours and choices. My favourite are bright red chinos. They are literally blindingly red, and I love it!

This picture is the only one I can find, you can’t see the red trousers, I’ll continue the search and update if I find them, but this is one of my fave jumpers!

They caused, debate. Caused a stir and they grab attention. Now I’m not one for grabbing attention but I have to say I love these chinos and now have two pairs in case one gets damaged or tears. Along with these, gave birth to many other colour experiments, from green, to blue and bright pink. They are all awesome!

I also purchased many printed shirts,  but this time not limited to black and white. I have polka dot (what I’m wearing now haha), black and yellow, blue and white. I got into pastel colours which are my favourite. Light shades of colours, like peach and yellow and teal and apricot. This is a stark contrast to my black and white wardrobe of the college years.

Blazers have also entered my life. I love blazers. I need them for business, but I have now purchased and got some blazers for more casual stuff. Not just business. I have a white linen blazer which I just love and a black one I use for more formal things.

All of this is not much, but it represents a change, a new chapter of my life, which this is. A brand new chapter.

Along with dress sense changing, I have also thought about other things bold that I never ever ever have imagined I would even possibly consider. Dying my hair.

Now this is not for certain and I shall write a post and share the results if I actually do it, but it’s a rather new thought I’m still only considering. However again this shows the drastic change in mindset since becoming open, and being me. It’s not a new me. I haven’t changed as in myself. This has been me all along. Hidden away until the time was right for me to reveal it.

If one thing has changed about me, is my pride in being me and being true to myself, and becoming a much stronger, more confident person in doing so.

Brandon x x x


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