14th January 2017

I’ve always wanted a diary, but never had anything very interesting to write about, or something I’ve wanted to write about. However my life recently has shifted a gear and I feel comfortable to now write about it in this diary, whether someone reads it or not, oh well, I have some good reading material in the future! 2016 was a weird year for me. Entered ‘straight’ and left ‘gay’ in some respects. I feel a lot better about myself, although there’s a lot of people who still don’t know and a lot of ground work for me to do before that news is shared, me in myself, I feel happy, content. It was a relief for the guys in uni to accept me as no different, this really helped me to progress as far as I have today, the biggest progression personally I’ve had in my entire life.

A lot of firsts have also been conquered, like getting into the online dating scene, being more open at uni, not being so closeted about who I am.

This diary I’m sure will get full out rather quickly, and this seems like a really lame first post haha! However I hope to read this in 10/20 years time, and then read my posts then, and see the immense shift in my writing and personal development. Hopefully be married and have kids then, maybe I’ll be writing about how the kids are doing my head in haha who knows. However this will be my most personal possession, a collection of my thoughts, written and read by me, and however I permit to reading its posts haha!

I’m looking forward to this great journey!


This was my first diary entry into the diary that I write in almost everyday. I’m going to be sharing a few snippets, not much as its a rather personal document to me, however I feel sharing some of its content may be useful for other to read and take inspiration from, and also for me to document the progress in personal development through the content of the blog posts!

So stay tuned!

Brandon x x x


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