Being gay in business.

There’s often questions in regards to how life is in many different aspects of the world when being gay. What’s it like being a gay politician? A gay policeman? A gay Doctor?

Now I’m no Politician, Policeman or Doctor, however I do run my own business and interact a lot in business culture.

How’s life like being gay in the business world?

A quick answer to this question. No different.

Now this may from now until the end seem like a rather pointless post. But it’s not. It’s a question asked time and time again. Now when it comes to big business, like tech giants, it may be hard to see the LGBT presence amongst the top dogs, but they are there. Biggest example is Timothy Cook, Chief Executive of Apple. He is an openly gay man. He’s very private and decided not to disclose his orientation until only a few years ago. The reason he never did was there was no reason too.

When it comes to business, or any job. You being gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual, Pan sexual, asexual, all of the Orientations under the sun will not change that. Me being gay, does that make me a better CEO? A worse CEO? Does it make me take decisions a straight CEO wouldn’t take? No

I do my job. I lead my business. The people who I’ve told know, the people who read this blog know. Does an investor need to know I’m gay, no. Would they ask a straight business owner if they are Heterosexual? I don’t think so.

When I’m seeking investment, I’m representing my business idea, not my sexual orientation.

Now, this question will always be asked, and will always get the same answer, it’s a fact of life. It’s one of those unfortunate things we need to deal with and will take a very long time, and take generations to change.

Sometimes, when people ask these type of questions, they are not (mostly) being rude, or being nasty, they are simply asking. Being gay is starting to become a lot more the norm which is fantastic and the way it should be, however there is still an intrigue about it. However one who askes these questions must remember a simple fact.

Being gay, simply means I like people of the same sex, nothing else. It doesn’t alter my political view, my business mindset. My business mind functions just the same as a straight business owner. Nothing else.

It’s a rather simple concept to grasp, but complex at the same time. However it’s something that will change, when who knows, but it’s changing.

The ripple effect comes to mind.

So no, being gay in the business world doesn’t effect me or change me at all.

Brandon x x x


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