Distances suck. In many ways.

Distance in conversation, distance in general. I don’t like it.

When it comes to Long Distance ‘Relationships’, they suck too, well, the distance bit anyway.

I have always found people who were involved in a long distance relationship very odd, in a nice way. How could they love someone who they couldn’t touch, or hug, or kiss, or do anything with. Technology was their only form of connection due to the sucky concept of Distance.

Then recently (Or fairly recently) I have found myself one of those people. Via the wonderful machine of Tinder, I matched and started to talk to this amazing guy, who was in London for a tour of Europe. We met in March after a few days of messaging. We went to bar, then another bar, and then about three more bars after that. We met at about one that afternoon, and it got to midnight and we decided to sit in Trafalgar square for about two and a half hours. Rearranged my hair and found out it looked good as a middle parting (It doesn’t), spoke about a wide array of subjects, and we were not drunk at all! Like being serious we had quite a few beverages but didn’t feel tipsy at all which was lovely.

That evening was magical. It was simple but beautiful and that evening will be cemented into my mind for the rest of my life.

We are still in contact. We text everyday and try to call everyday, but sometimes due to situational factors we can’t.

Literally the whole bubble is perfect, the only problem is him being in Australia. The prospect of him coming to the UK to live is very much possible, but its not guaranteed, and I think this is the thing that kills me the most.


He is a wonderful guy in every way, funny, loving, witty, intelligent, very very annoying. Its just so annoying having 10,310 miles in-between you.

There has been so many times where I’ve felt so down and I’ve ranted to him about my crappy day, and not even being able to give or receive a hug. Its a very sad and emotional space to be in, but then you don’t want to leave that bubble because the guy on the other side, I love him, and wouldn’t want him to leave anytime soon.

I’ve tried to cut contact twice, and we agreed to not talk to each other, just because it was hurting us too much, but always ended up talking again, which I’m happy about to be honest.

This is the time to ask, do you regret matching, or meeting in general? The answer would be absolutely not.

I regret nothing in my life so far, and aim to not regret anything, and this can be a dangerous path to go down. However no, even though talking to this person has made me happy, made me sad, made me laugh and made me cry. He has made me into a much better person since talking to him. Also I still retain onto the hope that soon, I will see him, and will meet him, and I will be able to hug and cuddle him to death haha (You have been warned!)

Although we are not in a relationship, as in romantic relationship, we are still in a relationship of some degree, whether it be romantic or friendship for now, its still a long distance relationship to some degree.

So if you are reading this and in a similar situation, don’t worry you are not alone. I thought I was until I consulted other blogs and youtube videos of people in the same position as me and seeing how they deal with the long distance.

Have hope, if you mutually like, or mutually love each other, Im a firm believer that things will come your way and time will inevitably bring you together 🙂

B x x x


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