Don’t let things hold you back, experiment, and fail. 

Failure is a fickle thing.

To many failure is a bad thing. It shows you are weak. Your decision was wrong. Why did you decide to do that?

However little do these people know that failure is actually a great thing.

When it comes to business, if it’s easy then you are not trying hard enough.

Business is never easy. I plan to relaunch my business in the biggest launch I’ve ever created or organised this year in September, and even though my business is still very young, I’ve always found it rather hard and difficult and things make you question whether business is right for you?

I’ve always been a little hesitant to explore brand new ideas, purely because I didn’t want to run the risk of failure. Then I stared University and everything changed.

My mentality changed. I no longer saw failure as something bad but something to embrace.

Some of your greatest learning comes from failure. If you don’t fail then you don’t know how to succeed.

It can hurt, especially if you invest tonnes of money into something that doesn’t work. However that’s why it’s best to fail as quickly and as early as you can. I went to Uni purely because of this. I wanted to start my business and if it failed I had a network around me that could pick me up brush me off and set me straight once again.

This led me to change the entire structure of my business. I made it a group, so my business would act as a umbrella company (Serenity Group) and all my other projects come underneath it. (Talks, Apps, Script and more).

This allows me to explore new things without the risk of damaging my brand, or confusing it.

So the next time you have a business idea or anything at all, don’t be scared of failure, embrace it. Learn from it, deal with it and use it to succeed in the long run.

Go out, explore and try new things! Even if there’s a small chance it fails there’s still a small chance for it to succeed.

Brandon x x x



  1. “I no longer saw failure as something bad but something to embrace.” I hear that. It’s difficult to embrace at first but does seem to get easier with practice. Jia Jiang did a fantastic TED talk on this titled “What I learnt from 100 days of rejection”, which I including in an older post along with a few other useful videos and ideas:


    1. Thank you for your comment Liam! It is difficult at first probably should have included that! I think I’ve seen that TED talk too but I’ll double check! It’s very true it’s something that gets easier with practice!


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