Vol I.I

My life so far has been pretty good. More so lately.

Like any life and anybody, I’ve had my fair share of downs and fair share of ups.
I feel ready for a big challenge, my personal life is coming together, my business is coming together, I feel something big is going to occur to both of them.

Since coming out (check out the post!) I feel I have changed dramatically. Not in terms of my personality but the way I think, the way I feel, the way I express myself (I wouldn’t be gay if I didn’t add a Madonna reference :D).

I feel at one with myself, when for many many years I felt distanced from myself. In terms of not expressing what I actually felt, not dating anyone because I didn’t want to blow my cover, not sharing or posting things I wanted to share, purely because I didn’t want people knowing. Now I share whatever I want, I post my feelings on here and will continue to post things on here! I wear sometimes polarising fashion choices (as described here haha), I have dated, and experienced what it feels to actually like someone. It’s a lovely feeling to look back at the last seven months, especially the last two of those since being publically gay, and experiencing my first pride which was epic, joined by some of my closest friends, and definitely life long friends!

I have thought about my future, and like the sight of it. You can never plan the future, and I don’t fully plan the future, I plan it but don’t plan my life. Life changes too much to be able to plan it, but I can plan my business future, and have a vague direction of where I want my life to be like.

This mentality has never changed, I’ve always had a direction where I want my life to be and to be honest, every target I’ve set myself I have done.

Coming out to friend during secondary. I came out to my best friend Louise in Year 11. Coming out to my friends in about two months of starting I came out to them and to be honest they were not surprised haha and actually bet on me coming out from day one. Coming out to my mum or someone in the family during my 18th year. I came out to my mother before my 19th birthday. Then lastly coming out to the rest of the family during my 19th year. I came out to them and really “the world” on the last day of May this year. Then my trip to New York. All these targets I have done and my plan if you could call it that has fallen into place a lot better than I ever could have expected.

My vision and direction isn’t finished yet and I doubt it will ever finish, but I cannot wait for what the future has for me, as from what I can see at the moment, and with how my life stands now, I can see it just getting better 🙂

My next post will be up soon! This is more of a recap and fly through of my life so far! Keep posted for Vol II!

B x x x


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