My Diary


Now my last posts in my diary have been very negative and about the dark places I’ve been, let me tell you of the good times and how I feel now 🙂

Now as I said I’ve had ups in my life as well as downs, and these ups have been amazing. Ive met amazing people, some of them still with me today. These people have helped me grow into the person I am today, and helped me build my confidence to do things I have always wanted to do, even when times have been tough.

My amazing siblings, my sisters and brother, have all been so loving. I love being the oldest by a long shot, a 7 year gap between my oldest sister and an 18 year gap between my youngest most adorable brother! When my brother arrived, nearly two years ago now, it was so nice and he has developed and is developing into an amazing little boy indeed! Yes, I do get beaten up a lot but he’s cute so its fine! Thats what I’m there for!

Like all my sisters, he helped me grow into a much better person, and being older now, I can fully appreciate his little quirks and his growth step by step. It’s so heart warming to watch :).

Another up is leaving home in September. I am so so excited! I can’t wait for the independence, the learning, the freedom having my own place will give me. Free to build my business, bring friends over, and have a fun time without having to ‘schedule it in!’ haha!


Its also got a great view and will be newly built when I move in so again, its going to be great! Five of my closest friends are moving to the same building too, adding to the again very cool times we shall have ahead haha! Lots of fun, alcohol, and laughs!

It will be hard having to juggle rent with life and studies but its all part of learning and living in London, and everything I learn shall be kept for life, cooking, taking care of the place, rent, and more, all valuable skills for life ahead when I graduate and have to make a life for my own.

To say life ahead will be easy is codswallop (Haha always wanted to use that word at some point haha) but it will be challenging but a blast at the same time. You don’t get anything real from life without putting in the hard graft needed to get it. Some people appear to get what they want without having to put in hard work, but what they actually get isn’t real, its not hard earned, and to be honest, isn’t theirs.

Its important to look at life’s ups, as well as its downs, as the ups can be worth far more than the downs life throws at you. Keep going, never give up, and remember that luck will come your way, and life or fate will always give you something.

New post coming soon guys! Keep checkin’!!!


B x x x



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