So today I went to see the movie Dunkirk.

I was stunned.

It has to be the best movie I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot! The awe of the film, the shocking and harrowing images of the soldiers both French and British being torn apart by German bombs on the beaches of Dunkirk, showing the struggle to get to a boat, and when you just get there and feel like you are safe, its torn apart and sinks in minutes. Seeing the bravery and solidarity of the men even in the most terrible time, gives you faith in human strength. Although the images you see are fictional, they are telling a very real story of what happened in Dunkirk. Hearing about Veterans who were there watching the film and saying how its almost like a home video of the time. Thats how accurate a portrayal it is. No glamour, no fancy story line twist. There wasn’t even much dialogue really. There didn’t need to be dialogue.

I was gripped to the screen and to my seat the entire length of the film. I was rather upset when it finished to be honest.

The ups and downs and close shaves with death are so compelling, yet show you how fragile chances were for those poor men to survive and come out safe and sound.

This is a top film, and shall Definitely be watching it again when it comes to DVD.


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