Is it by choice, or are you born this way?

I came across an article today while scrolling through my Facebook timeline, and I never usually get aggravated by stuff I see on Facebook, whether it be fake news or what, but this one was a little different.

It was on the topic of where you are born gay or choose to be gay, something that niggles and annoys me every time I hear this topic come into conversation.

This is the link to the article in question, I shall be quoting from it now and then throughout this post. (

Now I’m going to start with my viewpoint. This argument has no reason for being. You are born gay, thats it, nothing more, nothing less. Its true that some don’t realise they are gay until later in life, for me it was around 15/16, some are earlier, and some are much later. However this happens with everyone irrespective of their sexuality. A ‘straight’ person doesn’t realise they are straight until they hit puberty, same as a gay person. However its a little more difficult for a gay person as there is still some stigma, but thats another topic for another day.

The article spoke about science finding the answer to this question of whether your born or choose to be gay, complete waste of money and resources if you ask me, for something you can just ask a gay person, or ask a straight person for that matter.

This quote in particular annoyed me;

The study identified two genetic regions – Xq28 an 8q12 – which seemed to be correlated to homosexuality in men.

Now to give the article credit they did say that they were not outlining one gene creating homosexuality, and that sexuality is complex and some social and environmental factors help shape it, which is correct. However my issue with this is when you turn the study on its head for a minute.

By saying that a single gene or group of genes seem mostly present in Gay men, didn’t explain women though which was strange and could be a flaw in their experiment but thats another theory. People, like the crazy people in America and around the world who believe they can make gay people straight and help them by doing some magic miracle cure, which sickens me to the core if I’m honest, only gives them yet another theory or ‘miracle’ cure they can use. ‘Remove these genes from the genetics and your son will surely not be gay!’ is the words and phrases I can hear right now coming in fruition.

Truth is I’m no scientist, I dabbled and studied Psychology, but no way a Psychologist. These scientific answers may have credibility, they might not. All I know is who I am and what I feel, personally being gay, I was born gay. Its not a factor of choice and If it were I would choose to be who I am today anyway! Its no choice, and people who say it is, its only a front or they are hiding something. Something so complex as your sexuality is never a choice, you feel what your body desires to feel, and you can only fight it for so long, I learnt that the hard way.

However thats my rant over, let me know what you think on this issue!

Ciao for now :))

B xxxx


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