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In a heartbeat.

I stumbled upon this video while scrolling through my social media, groggy and a bit tired and not really coherent to be honest (I wasn’t hung over just lack of sleep!) then found this. I saw it was about coming out and a gay crush and it intrigued me as I have never seen an animation story about this topic, and then found out there has never been one so this made me want to investigate further. So I managed to track it down on Youtube (As the article didn’t have a link to the video) and watched the entire four minute short film. It brought me to tears.

I didn’t burst out crying but it made me tear up. The music, the story, the tragic tones inside and then the ending (Won’t give it away haha watch for yourself) It brought a tear to my eye. It did because I saw myself in the story and related to it on a personal level, but then it also brought a tear to my eye for the pure reason that I have never seen an LGBTQ + Animated story like this. I immediately tweeted the creators of it (Who’s names are in the description of the YouTube film) to tell them how much I loved it.

I will say no more, but I urge you to watch it, its a beautifully composed animated story that is short and ever so sweet. Its compelling and hopefully something along these lines will hit the big screens someday. The only thing I don’t like about this film, is that its not long enough! Haha I could quite easily watch it for hours! Its so adorably sweet!

Right, I am going to shut it and turn this to you! The link is below, watch it!

Ciao πŸ™‚

B xxx


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