A Fresh Lick of Paint.

Recently, a genius. Angel. Wizard. Creative Visionary. Pointed something out to me. I have always been a Little monster at heart, and love to listen to a bit of Mother Monster now and then (More like everyday!)

Now one song in particular stands out, Born This Way.

I like this song a lot and it has a lot of relevance in the LGBT community for its strength and highlighting of the community, something she has always done with her music, because she is a true queen of course.

Ha now I’m rambling, basically this genius, Angel, Wizard, Creative Visionary, did something I have never done. Give this blog a name.

Yeah its called Brandon Bourne but come on, I could have thought of something more revolutionary than my name, gosh thats so bland!

So this…. you get the point, amazing person suggested I play on my surname, being Bourne, and make it Bourne This Way. Genius Right! His talent is just beyond belief. How I did not think of that astounds me, but here we are the new name of my blog, it finally has a name, I also put a slightly fresh lick of paint haha because wellllll why not!

Enjoy my blog folks, and if you have already, keep enjoying it as more and more posts are coming!

Bourne This Way.


B x x x


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