My Diary

Vol IV: Looking Up

My previous diary posts have been on the negative side, and its been the truth, but recently things have seemed to be going up for a change.

Things have come together and seem to be slowly beginning to bloom like a beautiful flower.

I have found this great new motivation to get working again, say goodbye to the things that previously held me back, like prejudice, anxiety, negative thoughts, bad people, good people that I couldn’t have anymore. All these things gone.

The only way at the moment is up.

Today I came to the final realisation that things were looking up, just looking into the sky with the trees swaying slowly to the gentle summer breeze, with not a cloud in the sky, very much how my mind has been feeling for the first time in a long time. Clutter free, optimised and ready. Fresh and rebooted. Like I had planned for a long time.

It wasn’t just me that helped me get to this realisation though. Certain amazing people around me, one amazing person, and my wonderful family.


Things seemed dark for a long time, and Im far from out of the sticks yet. However the light is right in front of me. It seems achievable to get out of the darkness, and back to normality again.

Something I have always dreamt of, normality (my normality haha Im not a normal human xD)

As the title suggests, things are on the up and I suspect the next volumes of my diary will be very positive ones indeed.

One could say Im loving life right now.

B x x x


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