New beginnings. Negativity, lost.

Such a bright day. A day of sunshine and relaxation. A reunion and lots of laughs. Sitting on the grass and watching the day go by in pure bliss.

Thats until a dark strike of negativity hits. As it always does when I’m elated and happy. This time however a little different.

Negativity rears its ugly head, and raises and raises and raises until its fully exposed and at its most damaging.

I have to say the feeling of being accused of things you have never done are hard, especially when the situation in which this negativity arrises was from a proclamation of truth about your identity, shows how pathetic and meaningless this  negativity really is.

The truth is, the main advice I would give when someone close to you, someone you would say was incredibly close a long time ago, hurls homophobic abuse and threats to you, even just general verbal abuse, the one piece of advice I would give, is no matter how hard it may be, keep your cool.

Things rise like they did today, and raise to levels you could never have possibly imagined, but guess what, negativity lost. No big surprise there.

Love always wins, its something said all the time but its true. Negativity tried to drag me down and it lost, again. The reason it lost was protection by unconditional love, and the strength of standing by your morals, not bucking under pressure and forgetting what you stand for.

As I sit here and write this, while listening to Homemade Dynamite by Lorde, I reflect and think what the hell happened tonight?

I know one thing. It made me stronger.

My views stronger.

My feelings stronger.

My voice stronger.

My voice louder.

I stood my ground and never faltered and it worked.

This experience has allowed me to think of the future in a clearer sense, now the negative energy has been extinguished. Whether it comes again, who knows, probably.

All I know is that this time round I have become a better, stronger, louder person, than I was when I woke up this morning and my future is very bright.

Don’t let people push you into things, question you for beliefs and about your thoughts or feelings, you are you and thats all that matters. The fact some people have the thoughts and feelings of what was said this evening sickens me, and shows the fight for rights is still not over and won’t be over for a long time.

Today signals the day of new beginnings, and the official decree that negativity lost its fight today, and love wins.

Love will always win.

B x x



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