The Sassmograph is going Crazy!

You know what I hate most in life?

Two faced, insufferable individuals who appear lovely and helpful but are silently stabbing you in the back.

Those people.

The sort of people who think agreement between themselves means a blanket agreement. The sort of people who are naturally lucky, the sort of the people who think their opinions matter more than others. Those sort of people.

Those sort of people don’t go well with me. Hence this post xD

Im never insulted. Nothing much can insult me. Im a strong skinned person and most things just bounce off and then Ill say my piece and that usually ends debates. However this time was different. The fact the rudeness and the harsh debate was so public, and the feeling of no one agreeing with you, that got me. I just stood back and left it. As I knew if I carried on my line of argument, I would have got personal too, but I don’t want to lower myself to their standards.

Some would read this as a negative post, I don’t.

I read this as I am writing, thinking of strength.

Thinking of strong willed determination to not buckle down to their demands. I have a voice and I will voice my opinion. Thats healthy in a team right?

All I did was disagree on a name which I think is rather crap to be honest but it appears ‘Everyone’ agrees to the name, but this doesn’t mean I should shut up about it.

I am not everyone, I don’t like the name, I don’t like other decisions the team has made, well a small band in the team has made.

I came here to do to one thing, and thats achieve my dream, and no insurable, arrogant, pure rude and selfish individuals will stop me from achieving it.


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