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Call me by your name…

This week I went to the cinema for the first time in a while. It was to watch a film I first saw and heard of a month ago, called Call me by your name, a gay love story about a young boy lost with his sexuality and an older graduate.

Not many films leave me in tears afterwards, only Titanic holds that title, until this film came along. This film, not only is it beautiful and a stunning representation of a gay love story, but it hit me in so many levels. The accuracy to how I have felt in the past, the sense of distance, many of the feelings that fuelled blog posts of the past (You can read then August and earlier).



The touching sensual feeling they have. It has its physical moments, but you can just feel the love they have ooze from the film, the catching of the eye, the touch, the clear lust they have for each other. Truly beautiful to watch.

Although it unlocked feelings I had locked away long ago, it did make me think and showed how powerful it was. It wasn’t the typical love story and that made the whole film I think.

This bit may be a slight spoiler, it isn’t much but I would advise you stop reading if you know you will watch it, but it isn’t much of a spoiler haha!

The fathers speech at the end tipped me over the edge and opened the dams fully. They started a little before that but that tipped me over the edge. The words are so touching and from again, personal stories and situation it hit home on many levels.

Would I recommend someone to watch this film? 100%.

No regret at all. This film will go down as one of the best and most touching films I have ever watched. I will watch it again and again. Its a stunning story portrayed in such a wonderful way and it will Defiantly  make you glassy eyed.

Amazing film and its truly a work of art.

B xox


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