6:30, I woke up. 5 Hours of sleep which was pretty good but it wasn’t enough clearly as I was the usual zombie I am in the mornings. possibly worse.

Anyway I digress!

So today, I am off to Bristol, on a trip to visit another group of entrepreneurs very much the same as us. If you haven’t read my posts before, I do a course called BA Entrepreneurship and we are tasked for the next three years to build a team orientated business and we run and grow and sustain the business and thats our course.

One very important aspect of the business is our network. As I said before, its not what you know its who you know. So back to the story of going to Bristol.

Our course is a very niche course. There is a course in five different places in England, and we are the newest and so still building our network.

I am excited to go to Bristol for two reasons, one reason is that I haven’t been to Bristol before so I am liking the idea of going to a new place instead of sticking to the University. Also I am excited to build my network. I love meeting new people and I have been networking with the people we are meeting via linked in already so I am excited to finally meet them.

So I shall update on how the trip goes!


B x o x


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