I came, I saw, now all I need to do is Conquer

This years been a weird one for me. In terms of projects and teams, last year I was on the fore front, and leading the team and leading in other areas. Things went my way and things worked.

This year has been different. From my choice, Ive taken a back seat. Looked ahead, seen others fly past me in a rush, been frustrated at stupid choices, slow moving progress, and just not being heard. I went up for elections, lost elections, and gained an important insight in the process.

I am not the type to wallow in self pain or misery. I get up, brush myself off, lick my wounds, and move on to how I will rectify a situation. Don’t get me wrong some points this year have me getting up and licking my wounds a little slower than normal, but its ok. This verse from a song you may or may not know sums it up pretty well.

My castle crumbled overnight
I brought a knife to a gunfight
They took the crown but it’s alright
All the liars are calling me one
Nobody’s heard from me for months
I’m doing better than I ever was.

I look back on this year with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. It knocked me, it annoyed me. Made my laugh, made me cry. I gained people, and lost people, then gained people again. I found my other half, I severed dark ties, and became free. Its been a weird one.

I am a changed person.

One could say, I have a much tougher skin than I did when i entered this year. I leave a stronger, happier, and more determined person. Now my problems are not over, far from. However Instead of letting them get the best of me. I carry on. Thinking about the amazing people I have, the person by my side, the vision in my grasp.

2018, bring it on. This year I came and I saw.

Next year, I am going to conquer.



2 thoughts on “I came, I saw, now all I need to do is Conquer

  1. gregoryjosephs says:

    You’ve absolutely got the right outlook here. Years like the one you’ve had definitely give you a tougher skin. They also hone your character.

    Nice job. Keep moving forward and eat 2018 for breakfast. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree haha I Definitely have a tougher skin, and also my character I feel has been refined and who I really am has been sharpened through the experience! And thats the plan! 2018 shall be a piece of cake! hahaha 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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