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Call me by your name: Part II

Now I have written about this before in a previous post, the day after I went to watch the new film adaptation. However after watching the film, I found that this was based on a book.

Now the film encapsulated me. Made me happy, made me sad, made me laugh, made my cry. Made me relive past memories that I had hoped I had gotten over, but instead some wounds opened up in the process. The film has ever since been on my mind and I am itching for it to come on DVD already so I can watch it again and again.

However the next best alternative was to read the book, which I have. Well listened to the audio book, read by the very lovely Armie Hammer, who plays Oliver in the film. Lovely reading and sound of his voice. It was a good idea to cast him for the audio book. Oliver reading out Elios perspective of their story. Made me humbled and reflective.

Now the book, was far different to what I was expecting.

First of all, the film is almost line for line accurate in dialogue and the scenes. The vivid descriptions of the luscious surroundings of B and Italy, the house, the areas of interest and the natural beauty surrounding them. Then there is Elio. The Book is written as if Elio wrote a memoir of his story, Its set in first person speaking about his story, years and years later.

This book has been the only book to make me cry. The emotions I have felt reading this book are phenomenal. Similar to the film in opening the locked away memories I have in my mind, but also how eloquently it is written, the despair, the desperate and passionate Love Elio has for Oliver and Oliver has for Elio. The invisible divide that runs through their relationship. The up and down roller coaster ride of emotions Elio describes, as his love for Oliver deepens. A strange recollection of my own story mirrored some of the scenes and the story as I read, hence taking me along on the emotional roller coaster too.

I also cried that it was over. It was such an immersive book, grabbing and touching piece of work, I never wanted it to end.

It makes me pine the film more. Re watch, re read and fully analyze the story. Its such a deep story. That’s why I love it. Its not a typical love story, neither typical gay or straight love story. There is a thousand layers to it, you need to watch or read a couple of times to fully understand the rhetoric and the idea behind the story.

Would I recommend this book to anybody. 100%

This book has been my world for the last three weeks, and although its ended its still fully in my mind. The story of Elio and Oliver, the un-breakable love in difficult times. The unexpected twists and turns in between. The glimmers of hope, the smashing of hope. The despair, agony, hurt and joy. Such a mixture of oxymoron’s and dichotomous language,  taking you, the reader, into a journey through a love struck, young boy, who lives in a world not yet accepting of who he really is inside, yet his feelings so strong it almost destroys him.

Call me by your name, and I will call you by mine…

B x x x


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