So Oprah does one speech and shes qualified to become President. God save us all.

So this is my second rant of the day, but bare with me just needed to get this down.

I was reading the paper this morning and after getting rather annoyed at the egotistical ‘black dress protest’ I then see, ‘ After a raising speech, Oprah urged to go for President’. God save us all.

It seriously cannot be true that we now live in a world where every Tom Dick and harry who has money can run for president. Yes she did an ok speech, again very ego boosting but that is another post. Hows her foreign policy, her domestic policy, her economic policy? Hmm seems all forgotten.

Donald is a buffoon and should not be in the White house at all, but at least he as some connection with the Republican party all his life. Oprah is a chat show host…

Arnold I could say could do it because you know, he was the Governor of California and has Political values. Oprah does not.

Gosh it really worries me the future. I thought Donald was bad, but seems we are now in the era of Celebrity reality show politics when it comes the American Government. Whose next to take the Oval Office, the Rock? Arnold? Oprah? Ellen? Maybe even Kim, Kylie, or the other K sisters. Maybe even Kris Jenner!


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