Wearing Black doesn’t do anything but boost your ego

So we have the Golden Globes, a big party full of rich amazing actors, who get nominated and maybe win a sparkly award. Yaay.

Now this year, due to the whole Harvey Weinstein controversy, many actresses and women in the audience wore black, no not to mourn, but to show their allegiance or whatever.

No I’m sorry but wearing a black dress ladies does not stop harassment.

It doesn’t need to have awareness raised, its been slapped over the news for half a year. So why do rich pompous celebrities feel either boycotting or wearing the same color dress does anything to stop harassment.

I really annoyed me when I saw this, as this is more of a rant post, but do not use the blanket of your gender and harassment, to either boost your ego, or be in the ‘It Crowd’ as that’s basically in a nut shell why they wore black dresses.

But that’s it from me on this topic.


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