So it’s 2018. A new year, and by the usual clichè means new me right?

Well this year, that statement is right.

2017 taught me so much about myself. I started dating for the first time, as a comfortable open gay man. Found some amazing people that I can still call friends, something that never usually happens but I somehow found. I experienced new feelings, new thoughts and a new mindset. I was beaten down, I rose up. So much happened in 2017, it almost feels like 2017 was the amalgamation of four or five years squeezed into one.

So, when 2017 was finally over, I entered with a new mindset and new vision for my life.

I also had a huge personal awakening about the future. My limited time at Uni, the fact I only have one year until this lovely freedom is over and its down to the big wide world. The world of education over and life of being a real independent adult begins. It occurred to me how many things I wanted to still achieve before my work as a serial entrepreneur takes up 200% of my time. Even though I’m working hard in Uni with my business, the fact this is uni still gives me a sense of freedom to do as a please, but that freedom is going to be over very soon. This was a shocking revelation that I already knew but somehow forgot (Or ignored).

I started a fresh and crafted a new me. Literally. Left 2017, and my dark brown hair behind and ushered in blonde, open, honest and experimental me to the mix. I’m still the same me, but I feel more confident, I feel more willing to try new things and feel like I can craft my own path to wherever I want to go.

In a way, I feel the same as I did in 2016 when I first came out. That buzz of something new, I’m thrilled to have that feeling back.

2017 worried me that I would not feel that way again because of the amount of crap that faced me. However, the relief was great when the feeling came back. I am comfortable to meet new people, date new people, enter a new phase of my life, where I can make up for the lost time when I was hiding in the closet of who and what I was.

My business is set to take off this year, and so am I. I’m ready to take this year and bring the learning from last year and making this year the year of me.

This is a good year 🙂

Stay tuned for more posts soon! I’m back and not going away again!


B x o x o x o

Me, My Diary

What 2017 Taught me.


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