Me, The Fixie Tour


I have been a little dead lately. I hate winter, so the recent snow outbreak we have got has been killer! My main upset though is that the snow came literally days after I finally got my bike brakes fixed, so I wasn’t able to ride it.

However, its not all doom and gloom. The weather is finally ok!!!! Bloody hell took long enough but hey ho cannot complain. I don’t need to wear my extreme weather jacket anymore, I can be fashionable again, and most importantly I can get back on my bike.

I love to cycle because its a fun way to exercise the whole body. I hate the usual gym thing. If I have a gym buddy then its fine, but the motivation to go to the gym on my own is so little, I just don’t bother anymore. The bike, believe it or not, works everything. Obviously works your legs, but it also works your arms and your core too, as you have to use your body to control where the bike is going. Keeping yourself upright, turning, controlling the handlebars. Peddling away. It works everything and I love it!

So I got on, also found my Go Pro I thought I lost so that was another plus! So I was able to film it (Video will be coming shortly :D) So that was awesome!

So, my journey started from my house, then through Putney, into Fulham, through to South Kensington, up through Knightsbridge and arrive at Hyde Park, my circuit.

I love Hyde Park, its one of the only parks in London that actually caters a-lot for bikes, most are covered in No Cycle zones (Hey Regents Park!) and don’t get me wrong Hyde Park has its fair share but it has a huge loop with amazing scenery that I love so I don’t complain!

I clocked 46 miles! Not bad after not being able to cycle at all really in 2018 so far. My last big cycle in which I clocked just over 50 was just before Christmas, it was to my Uni and back again, which for most part shares the Hyde Park Route but instead of stopping at Hyde, I continue up to Oxford Street and further until I reach Marylebone and then Baker Street station! Its so fun to be cycling again, I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I was back on the saddle yesterday.

B xoxox


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